Historic family violence funding targets immediate needs identified by Royal Commission Media Releases Family Violence

Historic family violence funding targets immediate needs identified by Royal Commission

VCOSS welcomes the Andrews Government‘s injection of $572 million as a significant starting point for achieving the type of systemic change long called for, and now reflected in the findings of the Royal Commission into Family Violence landmark report.

The funding is directed to addressing 65 of the Royal Commission recommendations identified as being most in need of immediate attention.

“This initial funding response shows the government has understood and is committed to bringing about the kind of whole-of-community, whole-of-government, transformational change the Royal Commission into Family Violence has called for,” said Emma King, VCOSS CEO.

“The funding is significant, and importantly, the government has said it is a downpayment. This is the type of commitment needed if we are to tackle the scourge of family violence and fix the system, shift our culture and save the lives of women and children.”

Today’s funding will be directed toward areas that support those affected by family violence, including housing, courts and legal assistance, family violence services, Aboriginal community-controlled services, early childhood, schools and child safety services. Importantly it will also go toward primary prevention initiatives that address the causes of family violence and help prevent violence from occurring.

VCOSS CEO Emma King said the government response also acknowledged the importance of working together with the community and the community sector to bring about effective long-term change.

“VCOSS looks forward to the community sector and the government working together on all initiatives, including developing the 10-year Victorian Family Violence Plan,” Emma King said.

“We know that the design of a more effective family violence system will take time. We welcome the significant commitment from the government today and its clear direction that co-design and collaboration are needed to develop a better system that will help prevent family violence and respond to those whose lives are devastated by it. We welcome that a 10-year plan will be developed and released by the end of the year.”

“VCOSS commends the government on this first response to the landmark report of the Royal Commission into Family Violence. It shows a commitment to ensuring the important work of the Royal Commission is genuinely taken up as an opportunity to make real change.”

“When we look back on this moment, we want to be able to be proud as a community and a society that we took this landmark opportunity to fix the system, shift our culture and save people’s lives, and the response from the government today indicates we are on the path to doing that.”