Delivering a good life for every Victorian




Welcome to our 2018 Election Platform

Victoria is a strong, prosperous and vibrant community.

Few, if any, of the challenges we confront are genuinely unable to be overcome.

Working together, we have the expertise and affluence to deliver a good life for every Victorian.

Overcoming the state’s challenges requires two key ingredients; the commitment, vision and determination of our political leaders, and the authentic involvement of the wider Victorian community.

The VCOSS State Election Platform 2018 presents a vision for Victoria that has the attainment of ‘a good life’ at its core. VCOSS believes a good life should be central to the policy platform of every political party contesting the 2018 Victorian election.

Everyone instinctively grasps the concept of a good life. It means:

  • having a safe and affordable place to call home,
  • affording the basics, paying for food, energy, transport and general costs of living,
  • having a great education to grow and develop our talents, leading to a job with security and a decent wage,
  • prioritising health, with support to recover from illness and manage disabilities,
  • living free from violence, abuse and neglect, and
  • being part of a community with friends and loved ones.

Underpinning a good life in Victoria is the need to support self-determination and a Treaty between the Victorian Government and the state’s Aboriginal people. This includes mapping out a pathway to deep and meaningful reconciliation.

This platform lays out clear priorities for generating and sharing prosperity with every Victorian, with clear goals and actions. It is the result of extensive consultation between VCOSS and our members, representing frontline social service organisations, charities and a range of individuals and social advocacy bodies across Victoria.

We call on all parties and candidates to adopt these priorities in the lead up to the election, and to work alongside us in delivering them.

Emma King
VCOSS Chief Executive Officer


Where to start?

Victoria needs a long-term social policy agenda and governments that strive to be engaged and embedded in communities.

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The best way to help someone achieve a good life is by finding them a safe place to call home.

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Getting a decent job with security and decent pay can change someone’s life.

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People can only live a good life if they are free from constant worry about the cost of living.

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To lead a good life, children need a great education, to stay safe and have the support of a loving family.

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Everyone is free from violence, can stay healthy and recover from adversity.

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People can only lead a good life if they are respected for who they are, and everyone gets the same chance to achieve.

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For Victorians to a have good life, their government must uphold their basic human rights and they must be treated fairly and equally.

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