A Climate of Fairness

Making Victoria’s climate change transition fair and equitable.

The VCOSS position on climate change is simple:

Act. Act now. Act fairly.

Climate change threatens the entire planet, its diversity of species and our very way of life. That’s not hyperbole, it’s science.

Climate change therefore demands an urgent, comprehensive and coordinated response. But that response must also be fair and equitable, and ensure no one is left behind.

Responding to climate change in a manner that is inherently unfair will punish the people who can least afford it, and who stand to lose the most.

That includes people on fixed or low incomes, social housing tenants, people with a disability or health challenge, Aboriginal people and those living in farming, coastal or rural communities.

VCOSS believes a truly equitable response to climate change puts the people, communities and organisations that are being hardest hit by global warming at the forefront of decision-making, planning and delivery—and funds them accordingly. It prioritises support to those individuals and groups who need the most assistance to adapt to the changing climate.

Our new report, A Climate of Fairness, lays out this position in more detail and proposes workable policy measures to ensure Victoria not only respond to climate change—for respond we must— but that the action we take is both fair and equitable.

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Has climate change affected your finances, health or ability to enjoy life? Or have you been unable to afford, or otherwise access, any climate change-related items or programs? Please let us know at the VCOSS Your Say portal.

Climate change isn’t just an environmental issue.
It’s also the social justice issue of our time