How social service organisations are reacting to the 2021 Federal Budget Analysis

How social service organisations are reacting to the 2021 Federal Budget

Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has unveiled his second ‘pandemic budget’, with a claim the nation’s economy is “roaring back to life”.

But does the 2021 Federal Budget deliver the right type and scale of investment across critical areas of social policy?

And will it do enough to alleviate poverty, combat disadvantage and support people to live a life of genuine dignity and wellbeing? (The true tests of a budget.)

We’ve collated the public responses of key leaders, organisations and analysts from across the social and community sector, and beyond.

Let’s kick things off with this wrap from Australian Council of Social Service CEO Cassandra Goldie. You can watch ACOSS’s full post-budget press conference here.

Some of the topic areas listed below overlap, as you would expect. Nothing happens in a vacuum. So if you cant find something it might be under a different heading.

Have we missed a key response entirely? Please let us know.

✊🏿 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders


👴🏼Aged care and older Australians

👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏻 Children, young people and families

📱 Digital inclusion and privacy

♿ Disability and carers

🚸 Education, skills and training

🤚🏼 Ending violence against women

🌏 Environment and climate change

🚺 Women, gender and sexuality

😊 Health and wellbeing, including mental health

🏘 Housing and homelessness

⚖ Justice and human rights

🥗 Social security and income support

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