Increasing student voice Analysis

Increasing student voice

VicSRC is the peak body representing school-aged students in Victoria. We exist to empower all student voices to be valued in every aspect of education. Founded by students, for students, we make change with student voice. With our Student Executive, Ambassadors and our new digital space on the Student Voice Hub we are committed to raising student voice across the state.

We believe the Stronger Schools campaign is vital and inclusive education that treats students as equal partners in their own learning is the way forward. One of our VicSRC Ambassadors, a current secondary student, has written about two of the campaign asks that are important to her.

I believe that it’s important to give students a greater voice in shaping their own education. Students don’t get a say in their education at the moment and this needs to change. Currently 26% of kids are suffering from anxiety, depression and mental health issues, and kids report that school pressure is one of the main reasons for their anxiety. I believe this is because education is designed to cater to exams rather than to what students are interested in. If a student’s education is shaped around what they are interested in then they might be more enthusiastic and focused on their learning.

There are many ways the system could accommodate students’ personal learning styles and interests. One way to do this is with individual learning plans, which can be altered to fit the student’s interest. Another way to give students a voice in their education is by allowing them to choose their own elective subjects. A third way is by giving them information about what subjects are on and allowing them to make their own timetables. And these are just a few, there are plenty more ways. Students should be allowed to shape their own education; this is our future and our interests.

I also believe that it’s important to increase resources and support for disadvantaged students and their schools. Why should students receive less support and resources just because they go to disadvantaged schools? All schools should have the support and resources they need for all of their students. By giving disadvantaged schools the resources they need they will be able to help and give their students the best education they can possibly get. Education will decide their future and what they will do, so why shouldn’t they get the best!

Students who need extra support and resources should be able to get them! Disadvantage, no matter the cause, shouldn’t hold them back. They should be able to reach their potential and have the opportunity to do the best they can.

Rosie, VicSRC Ambassador