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Insights into social innovation Analysis

Insights into social innovation

True social innovation is complicated and “not something that can be achieved in a policy speech”, economist and innovation leader Dr Nicholas Gruen has said in an interview to mark the release of the new social innovation themed edition of the VCOSS member magazine, Insight.

“It is a matter of building a culture, a set of practices, know-how, checks and balances, a whole new ‘thing’,” he said.

Dr Gruen, the former chair of the Australian Centre for Social Innovation Chairman, said social innovation is about “building up rather than getting all organised at the top and then coming down through the silos”.

“We have to somehow to build a mechanism or information, a mechanism of power that at least balances the perspective from the top.”

“These are things that need to be built over a decade or more.”

“It really does involve a revolution.”

Insight—Social Innovation also features contributions from:

  • Tom Bentley, policy advisor and innovation thought leader
  • Rob Hulls, RMIT Centre for Innovative Justice Director
  • Kristy Muir  Centre for Social Impact
  • Professor Helen Dickinson, UNSW Canberra
  • Mary Sayers, VCOSS
  • Seri Renkin, Ten20 Foundation
  • Lin Bender, Helen Macpherson Smith Trust
  • Melanie Lewis, State Trustees Australia Foundation

You can read select Insight articles for free at insight.vcoss.org.au or subscribe to the magazine here.