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Landmark family violence report a turning point in addressing the scourge of family violence Analysis

Landmark family violence report a turning point in addressing the scourge of family violence

The Victorian Council of Social Service has said the report delivered by the Royal Commission into Family Violence is “a landmark moment and a turning point in addressing the scourge of family violence in Victoria”.

“The Royal Commission’s report provides a framework for long-term, whole-of-government, transformational change across the family violence system,” said Emma King, VCOSS CEO.

“The breadth of the report is extraordinary, encompassing all areas of government and social service delivery.”

The report includes critical recommendations related to:

  • Providing strong governance and accountability mechanisms through the establishment of a statewide advisory council, Cabinet and parliamentary committees, and regional governance groups. This provides a roadmap for tackling crucial social policy issues requiring a whole-of-government response.
  • Enhancing collaboration and cooperation through better information sharing and pathways to joined-up service delivery.
  • Recognising the importance of community-led and owned responses, including those delivered by Aboriginal community controlled organisations, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, senior Victorians and people with disability.
  • Focusing on the full spectrum of interventions, from prevention and early intervention to responding to family violence.
  • Retaining a primary focus on women and children, while not losing sight of the vital importance of holding perpetrators to account.

“VCOSS welcomes the focus on critical areas that are often overlooked, such as financial security. For example, the recommendations look at ways to stop women having their electricity cut off or losing their tenancy as a result of family violence,” says Emma King.

VCOSS welcomes the government’s commitment to fully implement all of the recommendations of the Royal Commission.

“Some of the recommendations will require significant new funding. We look forward to seeing this begin to roll out in the state government’s April budget.

“Challenges will inevitably arise with such seismic change to the way the Victorian community, the service system and government work together to tackle the scourge of family violence. But it is incumbent on us all to make the most of what is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to achieve real change.”