Have your say

VCOSS proudly advocates in support of people doing it tough and facing obstacles in their life. But the most powerful voice is yours.

We want to hear your personal experience of poverty, inequality, disadvantage, exclusion or discrimination, and dealing with government institutions. Are the barriers you face understood? Are governments responding properly to your needs? If not, what should they be doing better?

Your lived experience will enhance our understanding of the issues, and help inform our policy recommendations and advocacy priorities.

With your permission, we may also quote you or refer to your experiences in our work.

Right now, we’re particularly keen to get your thoughts on the policy recommendations made in our 2022 Victorian Budget Submission, The Way Forward.

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Mark’s story

Mark Brewer contacted us to share his experience of living in public housing and providing for his family on a very tight income.

His story helped us develop a richer understanding of the issues.

Mark later appeared in our 2018 election platform Delivering a good life for every Victorian, and in a short video we produced about power prices.