Does the 2019 Victorian budget deliver on social policy?

A VCOSS guide to what’s being funded, what’s missing out and where the 2019 budget might take Victoria.

The late New York Governor Mario Cuomo famously said “you campaign in poetry, you govern in prose”. It means the flowery language some politicians deploy on the campaign trial must, at some point, be converted into the crisp and unambiguous language of actual governing.

Today’s Victorian Budget—the first since Premier Daniel Andrews’ thumping re-election win—provides such an opportunity.  The budget set out in black and white what the Andrews Government deems important, urgent and worthy of investment.

The question VCOSS asks every year is: does this budget deliver on social policy?

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These pages will be progressively updated over the coming days as new information becomes available.

You can also read our media statement on the 2019 Victorian Budget.


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Thriving rural and regional communities
Revenue and savings

Real Spending Changes

Governments often talk about increased or even “record spending”. But if more money is being spent on something is that necessarily an increase? Or a record? Well, no.

As the population grows and items become more expensive (due to inflation), a certain amount of additional spending is required just to keep things steady. Only spending above that level is a real increase. Anything less is an effective cut.

The VCOSS Real Spending Changes table compares raw changes in spending against real changes in spending (once inflation and population growth are factored in).



2019 VCOSS Treasurer’s Breakfast

Recorded live on Wednesday 29 May, 2019.

  • Treasurer Tim Pallas’ formal remarks begin at 29m 48s.