A just Victoria

VCOSS believes in a just Victoria where everyone is treated fairly under the law.

What Victoria needs are criminal justice policies that are evidence-based and effective in keeping Victorians safe.

They should respect and protect all Victorians’ human rights.

In addition to policy development, and public and direct advocacy, VCOSS is supporting a number of member campaigns around justice issues in 2018.

These include:



Jesuit Social Services

This campaign is asking the people of Victoria to call for the youth justice system our community deserves.

This can be achieved by:

  • Strengthening the foundations of our youth justice system and reinstating the approaches that will make our communities safer.
  • Investing more in the programs proven to work, such as early intervention, local community initiatives and education.
  • Providing support of the highest quality to young people in trouble to prevent further crime and improve outcomes.

Join the campaign at worthasecondchance.com.au
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Federation of Community Legal Centres

In addition to embracing the policies we know to be effective–early intervention, diversion, and rehabilitation– ‘smart justice’ involves recognising that systemic racism, entrenched poverty and other forms of disadvantage work together to produce crime.

Smart Justice is supported by a coalition of organisations involved with a vast array of experience working in the criminal justice system and with those affected by it: victims, offenders and others.

Get involved online at smartjustice.org.au