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The Health Issue



Insight is VCOSS’s flagship magazine.

Each edition focuses on a specific area of social policy, and features research, ideas, analysis and commentary from leading thinkers and practitioners on social justice.

Good health is fundamental to leading a good life

Health is about more than just freedom from illness. Staying healthy means access to good affordable housing and active engagement in community life, without encountering physical or attitudinal barriers.

It means having enough money to put nutritious food on the table and heat your house to a comfortable temperature.

Sometimes health challenges, sickness and injury are unavoidable, so we need a responsive, affordable, safe and world-class health system in Victoria.

But our focus should be on keeping people well, by prioritising prevention, early intervention, resilience and community connectedness.

The big question that confronts us all is: how do we identify and set the preconditions to ensure everybody is able to stay healthy, recover quickly when they need to and thrive?

This question is particularly timely at the moment, amid a raft of changes including the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System.

In this edition of Insight, we focus on the determinants of health for different groups in different circumstances.

What unites all the articles is a focus on the systemic conditions that influence our health. These conditions can be changed, leading to more healthy people and communities.

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PENNY ARMYTAGE gives an insight into the work of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System.

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What are your hopes for what the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System will achieve?

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From a young age, even before she started working in aged care and advocacy, Ronda Held had a strong sense of the need for social justice for older people in

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JO BROWN considers responses to one of the greatest health threats faced by rural and regional communities.

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Karen Heap speaks to Insight about a project to tackle mental illness and keep Aboriginal kids with their families.

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Jennifer Power takes a fresh view of how to support wellbeing among LGBTI people.

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Health inequalities are not a necessary result of disability,write Mellissa Kavenagh, Zoe Aitken and Alexandra Devine.

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We need to overhaul the way we deal with mental health care for people involved in the justice system, writes Julie Edwards.

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Ryan Sheales investigates the link between mental health and persistent energy hardship.

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Sharon Goldfeld investigates the stark inequities in children’s health and wellbeing outcomes.

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Hannah Badland considers the potentials and pitfalls of focusing on social determinants of health

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