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Building our fairer future

2021 State Budget Submission

The global movement to ‘build back better’ after COVID is picking up pace. Intrinsic in this is a requirement to build back fairer

Throughout 2020, COVID proved that what was previously considered ‘impossible’ was actually within our grasp all along. This forces us to now pose the question: what else is within our grasp? 

Victoria has already invested heavily in social policy and developed new approaches to tackle the big policy challenges. To build back fairer, we need to continue this effort. 

We need to keep developing new approaches and better policies, and increase support for the workforce that will help implement them. We also need a clear and positive framework to measure our success.

This document is the result of extensive research by VCOSS and consultation with more than 300 VCOSS members across the state.

It identifies the fresh policies and approaches that would underpin positive and lasting social change in Victoria, and the measures necessary to safeguard the advances we’ve already made.

We propose 53 specific measures to create a Victoria where every person and every community can live a life of genuine wellbeing.

These include: 

Underpinning this, our communities need social service organisations that are well funded on secure terms. 

Victoria has long been considered a progressive powerhouse. We have been pioneers across many social policy fronts, continuing to lead the nation in new social housing investment and inclusive school reform, just to name a few. 

This is our chance to take the next great stride.

To reimagine our state’s potential, and unashamedly pursue what’s possible.  

We might never get this opportunity again.

Let’s not waste it. 

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   2021 VCOSS Victorian Budget Submission